Milan SS09 - very short review (part 2)

Versace goes summer-ish. Short dresses, vivid colors and those wonderful prints! Totally adorable. Donatella again didn't go into anything original, but watching this collection was just... pleasurable:)

Dolce&Gabbana go shiny. There is a little bit of everything in this collection - satin, oversized sequins, extra-wide shoulders, fur - everything screaming "look at me!". I really enjoyed the powerful woman look as well as the romantic dresses at the end.

Dsquared² go seventies. Very sporty, very American. It will definitely find it's fans - but not me. Reminds me of old James Bond movies.

Pucci goes Pucci. Williamson, enough.

Fendi goes simple. Transparent materials, pale colors, geometrical shapes. Very "it" for this season. But... who the hell has designed the hairstyles? Don't match the clothes so badly.

Milan SS09 - very short review (part 1)

Bluemarine goes blue. Mrs. Molinari did what she does the best - girlish dresses for young Hollywood stars.

Prada goes sexy
. Very strong accent on rumpled fabrics. Isn't this collection more feminine than usual? And it's not only about half naked models.

Moschino goes girlish
. Nice, but repetitive. Harlequin style, pink, hearts - really cute, as always.

Missoni goes calm. Delicate colors + Japanese elements. Nothing special.

Gianfranco Ferre goes perfect
. My favorite one! Tomasso + Roberto tried to "maintain the essence of Ferre while looking at the future, at what a
modern woman wants". Worked out so well - I love the geometrical shapes, the simplicity without loosing feminity, the Ferre's spirit. Bravissimo.

What is fashionable in Mollina, Spain?

1) Flower accessories

2) Color!

3) Body painting

4) Pen-made tatoos

5) Masks

6) Traditional Korean style

7) Salwar kameez

8) Partying in unexpected places

9) Testosteron
(Pictures taken by: Gioia, Nairooz, Lutza and Francesca)

P.S. I got a new PC! That means I will be able to write here regularly. I missed that.

Judith Ripka Monaco Black Onyx Ring

Whoa! $17,000 for this Judith Ripka Monaco black onyx ring. Ring features white diamond accents and 18-karat yellow gold.

Judith Ripka Monaco Black Onyx Ring

Pianegonda Circle-Drop Necklace

Model showcasing a sterling silver, four-tiered, circle-drop pendant worn on a linked chain.

Pianegonda Circle-Drop Necklace

Accessories - inspitations

Today - some random accessories from fall/winter 2008 collections, which inspire me for last couple of weeks. So that I want: some silver black and white jewelry, a green bag (big one!), jewelry clutch, unusual tights, shiny necklace (not necessarily made out of beads) and a beret. Hope to find at least half of the list.

Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs

Christian Lacroix, Chanel

Zac Posen, Donna Karan

PS. I am going to Spain in couple of hours. I am not sure will I have a chance to write something here or even check my e-mail box regularly. But just in case - stay tuned!

Copper and Boro Bangle Bracelet

Very pretty brcaelet. Would definitely buy it if it was for sale but it is listed as being part of the owner's private collection and not for sale.

Vintage locket Necklace

I mostly just like the look of this photo overall and not necessarily particular about the locket one way or antoher. It's by 19 Moons and is described as a "Windup bird vintage locket necklace".

Dichroic glass silver mango tree design pendant

Mango Tree, originally uploaded by Mango Tango Designs.

This is so gorgeous! I would love to see how it looks being worn.

Features: fine silver, dichroic glass.

Earrings leather belt and sunglasses

YngYeong - 1, originally uploaded by Alex Photojournals.

I like the way the model is posed in this picture and the way all her accessories enhance her overall appearance. The hoop earrings are nice and the sunglasses go nicely with the belt.

Bead necklace photo composition

Esercizio n°3, originally uploaded by

Love this photo. You can't see much of the necklace but the photo was so nice I had to post it.

Topaz and Pink Seed Bead Necklace

I like the metal accents on this seed bead necklace. They complement the topaz and pink seeds and beads very nicely.

Black Pearl earrings

Small Black Pearl earrings, originally uploaded by crazy4clipons.

Love how artistically the photographer uses a glass as a prop for these black pearl earrings. The earrings are nice too.

Brassy Daisies clip earrings

Nice looking pair of clip-on earrings. Love the way the photo is composed.

Cute little dogs as fashion accessories

fashion accessory, originally uploaded by mroth.

Let's be honest, when you see people walking around with their cute little dog in a purse or tucked under their arm it's not about loving their dog so much they have to take it everywhere they go. The dog is being used as an accessory.

It might be that this trend is on its way out after all the bad publicity generated as a result of people like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears being criticized for using their pets as accessories. The dogs are cute but seriously accessorizing with your pet is in bad taste.

Hats and scarfs for costume ball

Various accessories, originally uploaded by MathieuB.

Well I assume you would wear these types of hats and scarfs to a costume ball as I can't really see where else you would wear them. The black lace scarfs would probably complement a Halloween costume nicely; or else you might wear it to a funeral?

Match your animal print clutch with a yellow or red scarf

ANIMAL PRINT CLUTCH, originally uploaded by MARK 1 HANDBAGS.

Here's a photo that gives you a good idea for accessorizing with an animal print clutch. You can include a bright yellow scar in your outfit, or a bright red scarf, or if you're very daring, both a bright red and a bright yellow scarf; and you cna throw on some earthy beads in layers.

Do brown and pink match?

EVENING FASHION, originally uploaded by MARK 1 HANDBAGS.

If you're wondering if brown and pink go together this photo composition of a brown alligator skin purse shown with a pink scarf and a brown scarf should give you a pretty good idea of how these particular shades of brown and pink complement each other.

Handmade shell bag

SUMMER HANDBAG, originally uploaded by MARK 1 HANDBAGS.

Interesting little bag. Wiould go nicely with jeans I think...

Evening fashion accessories

This is such a great photo. Absolutely love the colors and the lighting. Just Brilliant. Not sure I would use the accessories myself. They're cute but look like they'd be more suited to an eccentric personality.

Victoria Beckham all decked out in pink carrying a pink hermes bag

This is a old photo of Victoria Beckham all decked out in pink and carrying a pink Hermes bag. What does it say about a woman over 30 who wears pink? Pink is as legitimate a color as any other, but pink is generally associated with cute little girls so when a woman over 30 wears pink it might indicate that she still has a little girl princess mentality.

Snap from Prague

Me + kefija. As usual. I know, I know, only emo teenagers wear it nowadays, but I can't help it. Love my kefija. Picture by Elcia.

Spot the difference

Hervé Léger by Max Azria. On the left - FW08 (first collection), on the right - SS09. Except the swimming suits, they are so repetitive, actually almost identical. I hoped Azria can be more creative with second-skin band dresses. I also don't like those optical illusions he tried to create. Maybe another time.


Hej, guys! It's Prague time:) See you next week! Hopefully, I will manage to bring back some nice pictures.

Have a great weekend, everybody!