Top Fashion Accessories Tips

1. Pick a good vintage

The second of the three Rs, "reuse," is there for a good reason--granting an existing item a second lease on life, instead of purchasing brand new, means no new manufacturing resources had to be tapped into. As a bonus, we're spared from any additional pollution and carbon emissions.

2. Make it a fair trade

Shelling out for fairly traded gear supports fair labor conditions and workers' rights, especially in developing countries. Helping producers get a fair price for their labors and promoting self-reliance also empowers them to break the cycle of poverty they're often caught in. Just keep in mind that trade, not aid, is the answer to improving livelihoods everywhere.

3. Repurpose for a purpose

Because the mining of precious gems and metals from the earth is an environmentally ravaging process, some jewelry designers have been taking a different, more eco-friendly tack. Recycled metals have been making their rounds of late, including a form of silver that is reclaimed from used photographic film. For your green wedding: engagement and wedding rings made from recycled gold and set with repurposed or lab-grown gems.

4. Suss out sustainable

Accessories made from sustainably produced or recycled materials are lovely to behold and kind to the planet. On the fabric front, choose textiles such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and even soysilk.

5. Beg or borrow

Plunder the contents of someone else's closet—with permission, natch—instead of shopping for your own. One company, Bag Borrow or Steal, even lets you rent as many as five designer handbags, belts, or pieces of jewelry at a time for a flat monthly membership fee (plus an additional fee per borrowed item). You can sate your desire for straight-off-the-runway ensembles without overtaxing the planet's resources.

6. Buy conflict-free

Conflict or "blood" diamonds are sold, often illicitly, in war zones and used by rebel movements to fuel conflict and human-rights abuses in countries such as Angola, Cote d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Sierra Leone. Make sure your diamond retailer can provide paperwork or otherwise prove that the diamonds are conflict-free.

7. Take care of your wares

Repair a torn purse strap or restring a broken necklace instead of consigning slightly damaged goods to the rubbish heap. Treating your accessories with a little TLC will also go a long way to extending their longevity, which is kinder to the environment than running through a series of semi-disposable replacements.

8. Brevity is the soul of wit

Accessories are meant to complement your outfit, not take it over. And, anyway, wouldn't you rather be remembered for your sparkling wit rather than that blinding hunk of ice that was weighing your neck down? Jewelry that is simple and classic will stand you in good stead, regardless of the occasion—or decade, for that matter. Which brings us to our next point.

9. Don't go with the flow

Pilot your own fashion destiny and unchain your heart from the vagaries of fashion trends. Being a follower instead of a leader will only bring you to a dark place filled with tears and the gnashing of teeth, plus a closet and dresser full of dated gewgaws and doodads that have long fallen out of favor with the fashion gods. One word: poncho.

10. Buy indie

Think of "mall" as a four-letter word. Instead of shopping at a big-box retailer, which is likely to cut corners by purchasing from sweat shops, undercompensating employees, and cheapening quality, check out the offerings of one of the thousands of indie crafters bringing their creative talents to market. Because craft businesses tend to be small one- or two-person operations, their carbon footprints are infinitely smaller to those of multinational retailers such as Wal-mart or Kmart. By supporting independent artisans, you're also taking a stand against the onslaught of crass commercialization and unmindful consumerism. Viva la revolution!

Source: Planet Green
Author: Jasmin Malik Chua

Best 10 Popular Fashion Accessories

Many women are very concerned about fashion. At the same time, however, many women do not have all of the accessories that are needed to stay on top of fashion. Here are just 10 of the most important fashion accessories that any woman should consider investing in. These fashion accessories will be necessary during any time of the year!

Popular Fashion Accessories

1. Headband

Every woman needs at least one headband, but owning more than one is preferable. There are so many different colors, designs, textures and widths available for you to choose from. They can be worn with long or short hair in almost any single hairstyle.

2. Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are one fashion trend that seems to have remained the past few years. Whether you choose bangles made from wood, plastic or just about any other material, it is likely that they will look great with almost any outfit.

3. Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings come in all different shapes and sizes. Generally, they are priced fairly reasonable, depending on where you purchase them, which is why you may want to consider buying more than one. They can be worn both casually and formally.

4. Boots With Fur

Whether you decide to purchase an expensive pair, such as Uggs, or you buy a cheaper variation, you will want to consider investing in a pair of boots with fur trim. Not only are they very worn, but they are also versatile. In the winter, they can be worn with jeans or sweats and in the summer, they can be worn with a skirt. There are also many different heights to choose from.

5. Sunglasses

Not only are sunglasses very important for protecting your eyes from the sun, especially when driving, but they can also be very fashionable. Consider choosing a pair with a hot, flashy color or design, such as cheetah print. Studded sunglasses are also very popular.

6. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins can be very important to creating different hairstyles, whether they be updos or half updos. They can be very boring when you buy plain bobby pins, but it is possible to find decorative bobby pins. Whether you want flowers or butterflies, this can really dress up your hairstyles quite a bit.

7. Skinny Jeans

Although many women feel that skinny jeans are unflattering, the opposite is true. Skinny jeans look great on almost anyone. Consider choosing a darker pair for the slimmest look. If you are still uncomfortable with the idea, consider a pair of boot cut jeans instead.

8. Flat Shoes

If you do decide to purchase skinny jeans, a pair of flat shoes is going to be necessary if you want to wear them in the warmer months. They can also be worn with other outfits, of course. Luckily, there are so many types of flat shoes on the market to choose from, ranging in colors and designs. You should be able to find a pair that’s right for you.

9. Small Handbag

If you are someone who buys medium to large sized handbags, you may want to consider investing in at least one small handbag. Not only are they very useful for certain occasions, but they are also highly fashionable.

10. Black Dress

Whether you are planning on spending a night out on the town, going to a wedding or anything else, a black dress is going to be necessary for you to have. It is often said that every woman should own a "little black dress" and this statement couldn't be any more true.

Author: Garima Mehta

Madonna, the New Face of Louis Vuitton

Madonna might be facing a tough time dealing with her ongoing divorce battle, but when it comes to career, she’s definitely on a roll. Madonna is the latest face of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton, according to a new report.

After Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman and Scarlett Johansson, Madonna will be seen endorsing the brand, it has emerged.

The pop star has reportedly been signed on as the face of the fashion giant''s Spring 2009 campaign, and a superstar team has been lined-up for the collaboration, reports Contactmusic.

Celebrity fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott have reportedly teamed up to shoot Madonna for the project.


The 24-Karat Designer Handbag

Holiday shoppers stuck between the gift of a handbag or a piece of jewelry can rest easy. A flood of deluxe designer bags, embellished with precious metals and stones, has rendered the question moot.

24-karat designer handbagPhoto Courtesy:

Judith Leiber, the Hungarian-born designer and author of "The Artful Handbag," covered this territory for decades, creating dazzling minaudières, or evening bags, for first ladies and Hollywood starlets. New are the jewelers who have popped up in her likeness.

A fine, if extreme, example, is the "platinum bijoux" evening bag from Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry, of Japan, bedecked with 208 carats of diamonds. Weighing in at 800 grams, or 1.8 pounds, the one-of-a-kind bag required a year to complete and is now on offer for ¥200 million, or $2 million. It was originally intended to serve as a showpiece. But Naoto (Nick) Mizuki, general manager of marketing, says the company is considering a line of similar bags, at somewhat lower prices.

It was only a matter of time. Between a bag and a jewel, each costing $2,000, "it's much easier to sell the handbag," the New York-based designer Kara Ross said. "There's such a romantic connotation to fine jewelry. A woman may want it but will go home and ask her husband to buy it."

Author: Victoria Gomelsky

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The first year of Vogue India

"I suspect our Vogue will be nosier and more colorful and more vibrant than the western models" said Alex Kuruvilla, the managing director of Condé Nast India before the first issue of Vogue was published. Here are the results after the first year of its existence (taken from the FashionSpot).

This whole "more vibrant" part worked out. Besides the magazine is mostly very... "Indian" (contrary to the Chinese Vogue, which is less Chinese than what we expected after the first issue). But - being antibollywood person - I feel a little bit lost. Is it still a fashion magazine or more of lifestyle one? Hard to decide seeing only the scans at the Fashion Spot - but I'm disappointed anyways.

As a cover-lover - I was eager to see something more surprising, more original, more fashionable on the Indian Vogue cover. And I've got this:

Please, don't.

We'll be showing some body next season! (3)

We'll be showing some legs. Anyone surprised?

Benjamin Cho, Dolce&Gabbana, Versace

Bluemarine, Marc by Marc Jasobs, Stella McCartney

Dior, Valentino, Herve Leger by Max Azria

Givenchy, Just Cavalli, Zac Posen

La Perla, Alexander McQueen, Erin Fetherston


Vivienne 2.0

Vivienne looking like 100% Dame Commander or simply like an elder British lady. Looks more surprising than when wearing punk-ish stuff (reminds me even of Carolina Herrera. Or Elizabeth II. Can't decide.) Picture comes from 1999, stolen from

We'll be showing some body next season! (2)

And this time - shoulders. Or, more precise - one shoulder. Next trend, which reminds me of 90's, but comparing to the bare midriff it's less provocative and more likely to stay in fashion for longer. We've already seen many of those for FW 08/09, but in the summer there's just more occasions to show off ones bare shoulder.

Abaete, Bottega Veneta, Max Azira

Carlos Miele, Carolina Herrera, Zac Posen

Preen, Yigal Azrouel, Versace

Luella, Rodarte, Reem Acra

Erin Fetherston, BCBG, Halston

Alexander Wang, Alberta Ferretti, Derek Lam

Calvin Klein, Elie Saab, Etro

Christopher Kane, Gucci, Rock&Republic

All the pictures I put here come from, as usual. This is not even a half of the designers using this trend in SS 09 collections. It's going to become a huge thing.

We'll be showing some body next season! (1)

Bare midriff brings back the memories, doesn't it? Early and mid 90's, Spice Girls on the covers and in our wardrobes - very short tees. This trend really did a buzz during the fashion weeks. It can either look trashy, modern or... just bad (sorry, but this one is definitely for slim girls only). I am really anxious to see will it be adopted by the streets.

3.1 Phillip Lim, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Topshop Unique

Hussein Chalayan, Chanel, Thakoon

Jeremy Laing, Malo, Proenza Schouler

Zac Posen, Alberta Ferretti, Alexander Wang

And who was the first one with the trend this time? Prada, of course. Below Resort 2009, FW 08/09 and SS 09 (twice).


Celebrities with their Stylish Headbands

Nowadays, headbands have become popular not just because of their practical purposes (to hold hair away from the face or eyes) but also because of their fashion purposes. In fact, they also become one of the most loved fashion accessories for women because they add style and glamour to their hairstyle making them look more fabulous and hot.

Check out some Famous Celebrities wearing their their own Stylish Headbands. Courtesy:
Paris Hilton with her Black Elegant Headband
(Photo Courtesy:
Natalie Portman with her Crystal Headband

Milan SS09 - very short review (part 2)

Versace goes summer-ish. Short dresses, vivid colors and those wonderful prints! Totally adorable. Donatella again didn't go into anything original, but watching this collection was just... pleasurable:)

Dolce&Gabbana go shiny. There is a little bit of everything in this collection - satin, oversized sequins, extra-wide shoulders, fur - everything screaming "look at me!". I really enjoyed the powerful woman look as well as the romantic dresses at the end.

Dsquared² go seventies. Very sporty, very American. It will definitely find it's fans - but not me. Reminds me of old James Bond movies.

Pucci goes Pucci. Williamson, enough.

Fendi goes simple. Transparent materials, pale colors, geometrical shapes. Very "it" for this season. But... who the hell has designed the hairstyles? Don't match the clothes so badly.

Milan SS09 - very short review (part 1)

Bluemarine goes blue. Mrs. Molinari did what she does the best - girlish dresses for young Hollywood stars.

Prada goes sexy
. Very strong accent on rumpled fabrics. Isn't this collection more feminine than usual? And it's not only about half naked models.

Moschino goes girlish
. Nice, but repetitive. Harlequin style, pink, hearts - really cute, as always.

Missoni goes calm. Delicate colors + Japanese elements. Nothing special.

Gianfranco Ferre goes perfect
. My favorite one! Tomasso + Roberto tried to "maintain the essence of Ferre while looking at the future, at what a
modern woman wants". Worked out so well - I love the geometrical shapes, the simplicity without loosing feminity, the Ferre's spirit. Bravissimo.