Worlds most tiny and small body builder !

No, it is not a photoshoped picture, it is a real photo of people like you and me. And the kid-like person with yellow hair and mustache is Mr. AdityaRomeo Dev from India, the world’s smallest bodybuilder.
Pint-sized Romeo is just just 2 ft 9in and is well-known in his hometown of Phagwara, India; for his ability to lift 1.5kg dumbbells – despite his overall 9.07kg body weight. See his mighty strength! And he also love to pose to show off his body

Different and Funny Hair styles for men !

Oh God See this Kenyan guy, he dont need a cap .His hair is his god given cap. How pretty it is 

See this man is he came from a mental hospital after treatment . This Hair cutting is called Shoky Faq hair style .How funny it is

See this Nest hairstyle . A large number of Birds can make their living here !

oh oh oh!  is it a hair cut or madness

Oh small boy !

Horse Pony Hair style

Helena laughed at `Best Dressed` tag

Actress Helena Bonham Carter has exposed she explode into laughter after learning that she has been named one of the best dressed celebrities.

The "Alice In Wonderland" star was chosen as one of the best dressed celebrities by Vanity Fair magazine. The actress says she laughed at the tag because she lauded for the same outfits critics had previously savaged her for, reports

"It was a triumph! It made me laugh because I thought it was a joke when I found out. But when I saw the article, I thought, `Oh, the photos they`ve chosen are as bad as the ones they print when I`m worst dressed," she said.

The 44-year-old insists she won`t be changing her ways as she grows older.

"I don`t feel any pressure to dress well. When I was younger, I cared more what people say. When I did do the Oscar thing, I did feel quite a lot of pressure to dress a certain way," she said.

Most Handsome Wicket Keepers in Cricket !

1.Brendon Mc Cullum

Newzeland  Batsmen and Wicket Keeper

2. Tim Paine 
Australian Wicket Keeper and Batesmen

3. Mahender Singh Dhoni
Indian cricket captain, wicket keeper and batesmen

4. Mark Boucher South Africa

5. Sangakkara Srilanka

6. Brad Haddin Australian Wicket Keeper and batesmen