"It girls" for Mango F/W 09/10

Apart from the campaign with Scarlett Johansson, Mango has prepared for the upcoming season the four pictures below featuring "it girls" of the moment. "We decided to count on them because of their undeniable personality, originality and unique style. Each one perfectly reflects the essence of the collection. Their respective careers, linked to the world of fashion and art, bring an avante-garde and fresh perspective to the collection" said Ninona Vila, Mango PR Manager.

Daisy Lowe, mango, fall, winter, 09/10, campaignDaisy Lowe, famous for being daughter of Pearl Lowe

Riley Keough, mango, fall, winter, 09/10, campaignRiley Keough, famous for being daughter of Lisa Marie Presley

, mango, fall, winter, 09/10, campaign, leigh lezarkLeigh Lezark, famous for being a DJ

Marie-Ange Casta, , mango, fall, winter, 09/10, campaignMarie-Ange Casta, famous for being sister of Laetitia Casta

To sum up - if you have no famous relatives, the only hope for you to enter the fashion world is to become a DJ...

Brand: Mango
Season: F/W 09/10
Photographers: Mariano Vivanco, Txema Yeste, Bela Adler, Salvador Fresneda
Models: Daisy Lowe, Leigh Lezark, Riley Keough, Marie-Ange Casta
source: Mango

Unique and amazing Evening Bags | beautiful

The Luxury handmade handbags from the American brand Judith Leiber always with elegance and style. Judith Leiber is best known for her signature crystal covered miniatures, small ornamental cases, often in the shapes of animals or fruits. Her purses are so great that some pieces are even included in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian! Needless to say, Judith Leiber’s crystal covered evening bags are considered to be the best couture bags ever. Works by master jeweler evening handbags Judith Leiber often resemble more precious works of art than just accessories.

Vogue China has ruled the month of August

We already know the cover, but just look at this:

vogue china august 2009 du juanvogue china august 2009 du juanvogue china august 2009 du juanvogue china august 2009 du juanvogue china august 2009 du juanvogue china august 2009 du juanvogue china august 2009 du juan
Magazine: Vogue China August 2009
Title: Inspired by China
Photographer: Quentin Shih
Model: Du Juan
source: tfs, scans by kazaf

And if it's not enough, you can have a look at this, this, this, this and this. I'm irrevocably falling for this magazine.

DKNY Jeans F/W 09/10

street fashion DKNY Jeans campaign Scott Schuman  The Sartorialist Alexa ChungLooks like a street fashion photo to you? It may indeed - the newest DKNY Jeans campaign was shot by Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. And if you're tired of "it girls" - well, too bad as the picture shows MTV host Alexa Chung. source + Hilary Duff for DKNY as well

Sex and The City 2 - good and bad news

I always start with bad news.
  • Bad news: the filming has been delayed. All because of cultural differences. Part of the movie is supposed to take place in Dubai, but "The UAE authorities aren't keen on the title because of the word 'sex'." states Us Weekly's source.
  • Good news: they are still looking for some supporting cast! "Open casting call for union/non-union background performers for “Sex and The City 2″ to play international types (middle eastern, arabic, asian, european, british), professional soccer players, fashion models, urban club goers, gays and lesbians, celebrity types, upscale socialites." I especially like Middle-Eastern and Arabic distinction as well as European/British one. Anyway, casting call opens August 4th in NY, so hurry up all international types!

I <3 The Cut

After some rumors stating that US Vogue will refresh its image due to the crisis (the ad sales are dropping and the upcoming September issue is going to be as skinny as Anja Rubik), NYMag's blogger Amy Odell wrote on The Cut:

"What could that mean? Jourdan Dunn has to take maternity leave anyway, but no more Karlie Kloss? That would make us sad, but if we never see another picture of her against a gray backdrop jumping as though a spider fell down her pants, we won't be devastated. But no more Mario Testino? No more Annie Liebovitz? No more silly spreads inspired by Pimp My Ride or visiting the eye doctor? Might they deign to shill outfits that only cost as much as a new armchair instead of a new hybrid vehicle? Those would all be refreshing changes. But our greatest wish for Vogue is that they stop using Photoshop to turn their cover subjects into humanoid versions of themselves."

The rest of the text is over here. BTW, the lady on the left - that's Amy.

More and more of Lily Allen

Next celebrity who's goal is to become the "it" girl in fashion. To my mind she's trying too hard to pretend like she doesn't care what she's wearing. When asked how she decides what to put on, Lily replied: "There are generally three factors - what's clean? What's going to make me feel fat and ugly? How many photographers are there outside my house? Usually I'll just wear trousers and a T-shirt or a dress for meetings. I've only worn my £6,000 Prada dress three times so far."

Yes, this was said by this person:

Anyway, seems like Karl L. prefers her style over Beth's. He shot Lily for the newest Chanel accessories campaign (loosing weight definitely has helped her).

Brand: Chanel (Coco Cocoon bags, jewels and other accessories)
Season: F/W 09/10
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Model: Lily Allen
source: tfs

The note was inspired by her new video:

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