Designer Jewelry For A Dazzling You

Designer inspired jewelry is latest in trend. Be it your engagement, your wedding or valentines day the ethnic designer style collection can simply make your day. These sophisticated pieces of designer jewelry are made from sparkling, high quality sterling silver and are crafted to perfectly imitate rich-looking jewelry from some of the top designers in the fashion world. The best part about these designer inspired jewelry pieces is that they will give you the royal look for less.

When it comes to big ticket items like an engagement ring or wedding band set, consider that designer inspired jewelry can give you a value for your money - saving precious dollars for your wedding.

Though, designer jewelry is custom made and takes a long time and hard work to design. But still an exact replica from the design to an original live piece of jewelry can easily be seen these days in the market. But if you can afford to buy original pieces of designer jewelry then nothing can be better than this. Every possible step is taken that these designs are not repetitive or anywhere in close resemblance to any other designer jewelry. Moreover, while designing these jewelry pieces designer keeps in mind the latest trends and fashion needs of their potential clients. The materials used in designer jewelry pass through a lot of quality certification and are of top purity ranks with negligible flaws. Pure forms of gold, platinum and sterling silver are used and high precision is practiced with every little cut that is made on them. The precious stones and gems used in designer jewels are also of top notch quality and class.

Grab a Pair of Airy Earrings This Summer

Summers though the best season to flaunt your accessories leaves us with lesser options to choose from because of excessive heat. On one hand you wanna look gorgeous and on other you prefer lighter clothes and accessories. Choice becomes difficult especially when it comes to selecting earrings. Try these summer special tips for selecting earrings. So just throw your hair up and grab some airy earrings.

Go for light weight earrings

Try picking Earrings that allow air to pass through them

Get the pair that makes you feel good

Dreams & facts about pearls

Pearls and pearl jewelry have always been the objects of fantasy for the women. Gifted by nature, and cultured these days in great varieties, these luminescent gems always manage to mesmerize jewelry lovers everywhere with their unfathomed beauty. Known for adding an instant touch of glamor an elegance to any outfit, these perfect jewelry gems are available in many forms. Let's get to know certain facts about some of these cultured pearl varieties that are in great demand these days:

Akoya pearls:These are bead-nucleated cultured pearls produced primarily in China and Japan. Renowned for their luster, akoya pearls are considered the classic ones amongst all pearl varieties. They are generally white or creamish white in color, with overtone other hues of rose, cream, or silver. Ranging in size from about 2 to 11 millimeters, akoya pearls tend to be the most consistently round and near-round pearls, ideal for making multi-pearl jewelry.

Tahitian pearls: Most "black" Tahitian pearls are not actually black, as they are thought to be otherwise, but silver, charcoal, or a multitude of other colors instead with the dominant color being green. However, it is the black pearls that are considered to be the most expensive, and most in demand, as they are extremely rare.

South Sea Pearls: These pearls have a unique, satiny luster that comes from the rapidly deposited nacre and warm waters of the South Seas. South Sea pearls also have a subtle array of colors; typically white, silver, and golden, that are rare in other pearl types.

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Jute jewelry: The eco-friendly summer fashion accessories

Scorching heat, constant sweating and utter discomfort are all part 'n parcel of Indian summers. It is difficult to stay fit during this time of the year, let alone keeping up with the latest fashion trends. It seems like a real difficult task, when it comes to dressing up in a stylish way, as our bodies, minds and clothing tend to wander to the outdoor mode. Most of us are torn between the choices as to which factor to prioritize – comfort or style. And while picking the right option we often get confused and go wrong with the entire thing. Result - unsynchronized outfit and fashion accessories that heighten the discomfort of summer.
So, how to go about it? How to beat the summer heat in a fashionable way? - Just use a bit of creative intelligence, and you can easily transform your summer attire into cool outdoor chic. Comfy outfits made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and jute make great summer wearables. Same goes for jewelry and fashion accessories. Jewelry made from jute fibers not only makes a smart eco-friendly fashion treatment, but also makes summer bearable and fashionable at the same time.
Jute jewelry like other handcrafted jewelry comes in various forms. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings- you name it, and there is a beautiful jute jewelry item for each category. Some jewelry items also feature beads made from glass, stone, wood and shells, which are skilfully stitched to the twine base. Here are some fascinating jute jewelries ... see which one of these fits your idea of summer fashion accessory.

Filigree jewelry: The wonder art in silver

Filigree jewelry is a wonderful type of traditional Indian jewelry. Though, historically, it is said to be associated with the jewelry making art of the European countries like Egypt, Italy, and Spain, it was in India that the art took a flourishing form. Done on silver, filigree work primarily involves lots of precision and technicality, added with great amount of patience and an eye for minute details.
Indian filigree work is unique and class apart in its genre and aesthetics, and is immensely inspired by Greek filigree work. The same style and old charm has been kept intact till now, by the skilled Indian artisans.

If you see regionwise, filigree work in India has variation according to the places too. While Orissa, where it is popularly known as 'Tarkashi', specializes in heavy jewelry, Karim Nagar is known for its complex designs and refined approach and precision. Here are some gorgeous jewelry pieces in silver filigree. See if they catch your fantasy: