Dreams & facts about pearls

Pearls and pearl jewelry have always been the objects of fantasy for the women. Gifted by nature, and cultured these days in great varieties, these luminescent gems always manage to mesmerize jewelry lovers everywhere with their unfathomed beauty. Known for adding an instant touch of glamor an elegance to any outfit, these perfect jewelry gems are available in many forms. Let's get to know certain facts about some of these cultured pearl varieties that are in great demand these days:

Akoya pearls:These are bead-nucleated cultured pearls produced primarily in China and Japan. Renowned for their luster, akoya pearls are considered the classic ones amongst all pearl varieties. They are generally white or creamish white in color, with overtone other hues of rose, cream, or silver. Ranging in size from about 2 to 11 millimeters, akoya pearls tend to be the most consistently round and near-round pearls, ideal for making multi-pearl jewelry.

Tahitian pearls: Most "black" Tahitian pearls are not actually black, as they are thought to be otherwise, but silver, charcoal, or a multitude of other colors instead with the dominant color being green. However, it is the black pearls that are considered to be the most expensive, and most in demand, as they are extremely rare.

South Sea Pearls: These pearls have a unique, satiny luster that comes from the rapidly deposited nacre and warm waters of the South Seas. South Sea pearls also have a subtle array of colors; typically white, silver, and golden, that are rare in other pearl types.

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