Filigree jewelry: The wonder art in silver

Filigree jewelry is a wonderful type of traditional Indian jewelry. Though, historically, it is said to be associated with the jewelry making art of the European countries like Egypt, Italy, and Spain, it was in India that the art took a flourishing form. Done on silver, filigree work primarily involves lots of precision and technicality, added with great amount of patience and an eye for minute details.
Indian filigree work is unique and class apart in its genre and aesthetics, and is immensely inspired by Greek filigree work. The same style and old charm has been kept intact till now, by the skilled Indian artisans.

If you see regionwise, filigree work in India has variation according to the places too. While Orissa, where it is popularly known as 'Tarkashi', specializes in heavy jewelry, Karim Nagar is known for its complex designs and refined approach and precision. Here are some gorgeous jewelry pieces in silver filigree. See if they catch your fantasy: