The first year of Vogue India

"I suspect our Vogue will be nosier and more colorful and more vibrant than the western models" said Alex Kuruvilla, the managing director of Condé Nast India before the first issue of Vogue was published. Here are the results after the first year of its existence (taken from the FashionSpot).

This whole "more vibrant" part worked out. Besides the magazine is mostly very... "Indian" (contrary to the Chinese Vogue, which is less Chinese than what we expected after the first issue). But - being antibollywood person - I feel a little bit lost. Is it still a fashion magazine or more of lifestyle one? Hard to decide seeing only the scans at the Fashion Spot - but I'm disappointed anyways.

As a cover-lover - I was eager to see something more surprising, more original, more fashionable on the Indian Vogue cover. And I've got this:

Please, don't.