Guide in Choosing Shoes Perfect for your Outfit

Men and women always keep their eyes on the latest trend of shoes which are mostly launched by the top and famous shoe designers. Every time there are new styles of shoes coming out on the market, most of them can't wait to buy their own one. That's because they always love to wear the hottest and trendiest shoes without knowing whether these accessories would perfectly complement their outfit or not. Perhaps, this is one of their biggest mistakes in fashion since they put much emphasis on following the latest trendy shoes without considering the importance of coordinating them with their clothes.

Shoes have significant part in our everyday dressing. They can turn us down if we wear them inappropriately with our clothes. On the other hand, they can greatly enhance our outfit making us look more stunning and fashionable if we choose the right shoes that best match for our clothes. So how do you choose the right shoes? Here are the basic guidelines in selecting the right shoes that will work best with your outfit.

1. Set off Shoes According to Occasion

Knowing what occasion is the first thing to consider in choosing what kind of shoes you must wear. Just like clothes, shoes must be also appropriate for a certain occasion. As usual, formal affair requires for formal shoes. Wearing rubber shoes for this type of gathering would definitely be a big no no. So for women, it's best to wear leather sandals with high heels to perfectly match it with your formal dresses or evening gowns. For men, wearing leather shoes will certainly complement their formal attire giving them a stylish and elegant look.

2. Set off Shoes According to Style

Style is another preference in selecting the right shoes. Choosing the right style of shoes for a particular wardrobe will give more stunning effects to your outfit. For women, if you wear formal dress with clutch handbag, wearing open toe, high heeled sandals with strap would definitely make you look more hot and attractive. If you're in a casual getup and wearing skinny jeans, it's advisable to use flat shoes or sandals because this will make you look more stylish compared to shoes with high heels.

3. Set off Shoes According to Color

Choosing its color is the final concern in knowing what's best shoes for your clothes. Colors give surprising effects in our outfit if they are well-coordinated with the color of our clothes. For example, if women wear red dress or handbag, having also a touch of red color in your shoes will certainly complete your outfit and give more seductive appeal.

Black shoes are mostly recommended to wear since these colors always go perfect with any color of your outfit. So you can never have a hard time in matching these shoes because of their flexibility to mix and match with any of your outfit.

To sum up this, wearing trendy shoes doesn't mean that you're already considered as fashionable individual. Just keep in mind that following up on the latest trend is only your first step in achieving your desire to look at your best. That's because knowing the guidelines on how to complement your shoes with your outfit is still the most important way to create a fashion statement that would definitely make you look fabulous and set apart from the others.