Guide on How to Spot Authentic or Replica Designer Handbags

With so many varieties of handbags available in the market, it's really quite difficult to distinguish what is genuine or fake designer handbag. So you need to be smart enough in dealing with them. Here are some tips to help you easily spot an authentic or replica designer handbag.

Designer Handbag Tip #1: first the material of the handbag carefully. The quality of the material is one of the best ways to know if it's knock-off or not since most fake suppliers or manufacturers will always use secondary material for manufacturing replica designer handbags. It is therefore will give you a smart idea about the originality of these products.

Designer Handbag Tip #2:

Make sure that the handbag comes with attractive packaging. Since fake manufacturers or suppliers are not able to match those packaging of the original designer handbags, this can be a great tip to easily identify fake handbags. While the handbag itself may be hard to examine, its packaging can provide certain clues on whether it's a fake or not. Always be aware for its important small details such as labels, tags, authenticity cards and even dust boxes which will give you some hints in their real identities. to look for its emblem tags. Emblem tags can be attached to the corner of the handbag, just inside the straps or maybe attached to its zipper. Authentic designer handbags will often have extra trademark or stitching which make them truly different from any knockoff handbags. This emblem tag includes the "Creed", a code of letters and numbers that specify its uniqueness to any other designer handbags and having any spaces on it will mean that the handbag is a fake.

Does it have an authenticity card? If it doesn't have and it's for sure it's a knockoff. Be sure to check it first before accepting the product or ask the seller why it’s not included with your purchase. This is very important to do since leading designer handbags will all have some form of identification or authenticity card that shows where the handbag was manufactured, and even might include a receipt of production.

Designer Handbag Tip #3:

Look closely at the logo designs. These are very difficult to imitate or copy completely, and many replica handbags simply use a variation of the original design. This can involve a slight color change, inconsistent printing, or upside down letters. Whatever the case may be, make sure you learn as much as possible about the original before you end up buying a copy or look-a-like.

With all these simple steps keeping in mind we can take a decision about the fakeness of the handbags and can save a lot of money.