Men fashion trends for winter 2008-2009

Men fashion trends for winter 2008-2009

As you know we have always talked about women’s fashion but this post is something different – it’s about men, men trends, to be precise.

Men’s fashion is not so diverse as the ladies’ one but some trends should be taken into account to look fresh, chic and sophisticated. So, there they are: a few this season’s top fashion trends.

Clean lines and shapes are very significant. Choose a crisp polo shirt to match some nicely pressed khakis.

Classy cardigan is another good decision. All men should definitely own at least one basic cardigan as you can wear it all year round and it’s good for layering.

They are sharp and extremely nice-looking.

Forget about browns and greys, they were in fashion in autumn. Now look for something that is much brighter: dark purple, red or indigo blue. Find a perfect shirt of these tints and pair it with black pants, you’ll look both classy and modern.

If you like pinstripes, the fashion of this season is just for you. Select a pair of pinstripes pants with a pinstriped dress shirt to create a classy and taller image.

This season retro styles are extremely popular. If you like that, buy a couple of items coming in great colors and patterns, with funky lapels and elbow patches. You’ll look irresistible.

Khaki pants are still very popular but if you got tired of them, try out some twill flat front pants. These look magnificent and are great for any occasion, from work to dinner.

Necktie is an item that will always be in vogue, though sometimes it may be worn less often. This winter ties have made a great comeback and are used to accessorize almost any style.

became fashionable once and since that day their popularity is constantly growing. This year’s styles are more form fitting and straight cut. Dark blue is the best.

Pairing your jeans with a dress shirt (and a blazer too) will make you look slightly eccentric yet adorable.

For casual wear choose a funky rock ‘n roll t-shirt.

Select a shirt that fits well and looks good.

Number of accessories should be minimal, just a watch and a pair of good cufflinks will do.

That is all. Add a few pieces to your wardrobe this winter to look modern and trendy. Good luck!

Men fashion trends for winter 2008-2009