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Keep Your Diamonds Beautiful, Forever
Your diamonds are some of your most treasured possessions. Not only do they have monetary value, but they are family heirlooms, mementos of love, engagement rings, and mementos from special events. In truth, their sentimental meaning can often be far more important than their price tag. You appreciate your diamonds as unique treasures, and you are comforted by the recollections they conjure up; this is why it's so important to take good care of them.
Though the old adage is true that diamonds are forever, it is also true that they can lose their beauty and luster if they're not properly maintained. Diamonds in wedding rings, tennis bracelets, charms, broaches, and earrings all need the same degree of care. All precious gems, particularly diamonds, require regular cleaning and frequently need minor repairs in order to retain their original splendor. Diamonds’ carbon composition naturally attracts oil. Body lotion, comestics, and even organic oil from your skin and hair can lead to build up on your jewelry. An unkempt diamond will lose its sparkle, become cloudy, and even shed its original color and clarity. Your diamonds and jewelry aren't simply monetary investments but are emotional investments as well, so you'll need to keep them clean and polished and have them examined frequently in order for them to retain their value and wonder.
There are several products on the market that can be utilized for home jewelry cleaning, but it isn't a good idea to try and do this on your own. Jewelry restoration and cleaning is delicate and tricky work. The wrong tools or goods can tarnish your jewelry, leave them much more greasy or dull than they were to start with, or even damage them if used incorrectly. These types of chemicals may also be toxic or have a bad odor, so they are better left outside of the house. Also, an unsteady hand can easily dislodge a diamond from its setting, therefore, creating additional complications. This is why it is critical to find a jewelry business that can help you to professionally clean and repair your jewelry without the risks of a DIY job.
Bjorkheim’s Diamonds has been keeping Austin beautiful since 1986. Bjorkheim’s Diamonds offers only the very best in specialized services, and the expert gemstone setters and metallurgists employed there never forget how precious your jewelry is to you. Whether restoring an antique, cleaning a piece of jewelry, or just adjusting a ring size, Bjorkheim’s master craftsmen will keep your jewelry clean and well maintained. The experts at Bjorkheim’s are artists who recognize that your jewelry has a value that goes far beyond the piece itself, so they operate meticulously to help keep the luster and shine in each piece of jewelry they clean or fix. You are able to get in touch with Bjorkheim’s Diamonds to plan a consultation and cleaning by logging on to.