Top Cash Back Debit Cards For Holiday Shopping

Yes, you have heard me right! I meant to say cash back debit cards, not cash back credit cards! Just short three years ago it would be unthinkable for one to be using cash back debit cards or check card or bank card to pay for their shopping adventures during the holidays. But today, things have changed significantly on the US Main Street as far as the favorite cash rewards card! For one reason or another, be it a botched credit rating, reduced credit lines on credit cards, or just simple disdain for borrowing money, even for a month, check cards have become all the rage while credit card use is stagnating.
Check cards are often more convenient than cash, they are safer, and they look cooler! So let's go right into the top cash back debit cards or check cards for this holiday season and beyond!
Target Cash Back Debit Cards - Get 5% Cash Back
For people who love to shop at Target, here is a new idea: Target Check Card. A while back, Target would give you 10% off just the current purchase to get their credit card, or Target branded credit card. Today, they want you to take their Target Check Card, link it to your checking account (have your check book with you when going shopping), and receive 5% off any purchase at Target that day, and into the future! There will be no credit checks, just straight discounts for payments.
The Target Check Card will work in conjunction with any other discounts or coupons that you may want to apply to your purchase.
Technically, Target Check Card is really not a true cash reward bank card, but instead a bank card and a store rewards card rolled in one. You will never see additional cash back entries in your checking statement. But you will see the debit for the discounted price of the merchandise you bought at Target.
PayPal Debit Card
PayPal Debit Card is one of the top secrets of PayPal. Simply by signing into, connecting your PayPal account with your bank checking account, verifying the connection and "upgrading your PayPal account" (for free), you will be eligible to apply for a PayPal debit card. PayPal debit card will give you 1% cash reward on ALL purchases, with no limitations whatsoever.
ING DIRECT Electric Orange Debit Card
Much like PayPal, ING DIRECT is applying 1% cash reward to all purchases this holiday season. If you have ING DIRECT checking account, you already have the check card too. Just use it this season and the cash reward will be automatically applied to your checking account by the 15th of the next month. Although this offer has a time limit, watch for any announcements from ING DIRECT to extend this offer again, or even indefinitely, like PayPal.