Dokra jewelries that took me back in time...

It was a breezy Sunday afternoon. I, along with a few friends of mine was strolling past the stalls at Dilli Haat. Suddenly my eyes fell upon a small assortment of demure golden beauties which was displayed at one of those nameless humble-looking stalls that lined the way to the Food Court. The moment I saw them, a strange feeling of ecstasy filled my heart - a feeling one gets when he or she meets a long-lost friend at some unexpected place. I immediately knew that I knew them – the dokra jewelry pieces that once used to bewitch us with their exquisite artistry and rustic feel during our college days back in Kolkata.

At the very sight of these wonderfully handcrafted jewelry pieces, a collage of memories rushed into my mind. I remembered those beautiful evenings when a bunch of college-going girls would make all the way from the bustling alleys of College Street to the very arty Rabindra Sadan premises- the so-called cultural hub of the city, to watch the latest release at Nandan. I remembered those endless chat-sessions that we used to have over innumerable cups of tea (small earthen pots for cups) in front of the Academy of Fine Arts - and – and those
dokra jewelry pieces that would beckon us from an adjacent roadside stall. We used to ogle at them most of the time wishing if we could buy one or two, jump on them on some rare occasions, and fight over them as to who would take the most beautiful one.

fascinates me till date. An example of exceptional craftsmanship, dokra is believed to be one of the earliest known techniques of metal casting practiced by the tribals of Orissa and West Bengal. Here are a few dokra jewelry pieces of my choice. See if you like them:

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