Let the spring breeze whisper in your ears... favulous drop earrings for spring

If jewelry is any indication of what kind of spring lies ahead, then we're surely in for one fun and flirty season. Get right into the mood with some lovely drop earrings in various shades of spring. Lime, turquoise, lavender, ivy, red - get them in as many different colors as possible, because you never know what your closet has to offer you on a certain day!

Drop earrings, available in a great variety of designs- all fresh and super cute, are going to be a big hit this season. They look absolutely light (and they are!), and serve as the perfect matching accessory for all your favorite springtime dresses. You may go for the ones with real lapis lazuli or South Sea pearl drops in them - it feels like wearing a piece of sky; but if you are in no mood to splurge, simply hit the nearby fashion street. Drop earrings, available in reconstituted gemstones, look great with any dress as well. And the best part is, they don't even burn a hole in your pocket! So, what you waiting for? I have got my boxful, start collecting yours!