Coral jewelry lovers- give this a thought

Coral jewelry is loved by zillions of jewelry lovers all across the world because of its rich color and ethereal appeal. It enwraps within it the mysticism of the ocean world, which makes it even more appealing. But very few of us know that corals, the calcified skeletons of sea creatures, from which this jewelry type is made, is fast disappearing from the nature, especially the red and the pink varieties.

It was expected by nature lovers and conservationists all over the world that the United Nations would mark these marine species as protected. But in the recently ended Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the proposal was turned down - a consequence thought be led by the lobbying from different countries with flourishing coral industries. Now, it is only up to jewelry, fashion and home-decor designers to pledge to not use real coral in their work. There are many alternatives of this natural ingredient. Use them to show your conscientious self, because one who wears fake is a REAL human being.

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