Discover the diamond in you

To touch the caterpillar-curve of a baby’s thigh,
breathe in guileless oxygen,
breathe out giddy, unshackled glee
to see a sunrise of pink-spun sugar,
silken sunsets the color of cantaloupes,
to mouth a mango’s flesh,
taste a plum’s orgasmic juice,
to bask in an approving smile,
but mostly, my dear,my ingénue,
to suck in sharp, quick spikes of choice,
ether’s own freedom.

~ Carolyn Howard Johnson
Hi friends, wish you a very Happy Women's Day! - A global day that rightfully celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. Though, it is a bit strange to fix one particular day of the year as Women's Day, as every day, women all over the world win battles in their daily lives without bothering to stop and celebrate, but a day of celebration is always welcome. It evokes a sense of confidence, power and knowledge in all those who are yet to know their true self and discover the diamond in them.

Whenever there is an occasion, we often hear people telling a man to gift her woman something precious to make her feel special. Don't you think this has become rather cliché? Do we really need someone else to tell us how special we are all the time? We know we are special – don't we? So, this time, let it be a bit different. Let's raise a toast to ourselves - the Diva that we are. And give ourselves a gift that matches our true worth - a diamond with the divine shine.