Moldavite: The jewel from the heaven

The world of gems and jewelry is so full of wonders! The moment you come across a stunning piece and think wow, this is absolutely unmatched, there's some other thing even more beautiful on its way to take you by surprise. Such was the case when I came to know about Moldavite, the wonder gemstone. (Sorry, if you find me behind time).

Moldavite (listen up those who are less enlightened like me about gemstones) is the only gemstone known to humans that is of the extraterrestrial origin. It is a product of a meteor collision with the earth neatly 15 million years ago! The meteor fell over what is now called the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic. These green gems are among the most rare minerals on earth and have been prized by humans for over 20,000 years.

Moldavite is said to possess amazing healing power and metaphysical properties. Now, I don't know about all these things, but if you go by the simple notions, Moldavite jewelries make truly elegant fashion accessories. Check Arkadian Collection for a wide range of Moldavite jewelries.