2011 Vintage Nail Art Trends

The weather is so Awesome today, enjoying the feeling of sun on my face, I can tell that spring is already here...:)
So, I was think what I can do to celebrate the leaving of coldness ;)
And then, I decided to draw my nail...lol, it used to be my favorite, and felt like I haven't done that for a while...Probably bc I was afraid of the snow and kept my hands in the gloves, and forgot about my hands  for a little bit ...
Those are my favorites, and I wanna share them with my friends ;)

1.Hand Made 3-Dimension Cartoons (Puppy's Garden)

 2.3-Dimension Hand Drew Flowers

3. Plane Cartoon Fake Nails                                 

  4. Plane Hand Drew Cartoon
Snow Men
Zebra Pigs
5. Fake Nails-Plain Whole Flowers Drawing

Original Images

6. Hand Drew Plane Flowers
7. Toes Design

 8. Color Zones

9. Simple Drawing

I had a similar one, but more shinny it was great

Images From: http://www.52nail.com/zhijia/meijiatupian/