Coolest Men Ever - Classical Men's Fashion

When we talk about the Fashion, what we think about are just the women's jewelries...scarf...purses and handbags...However, male Fashion is more & more popular now. Also, Stars are our CONSTANT NEW topic.
I always wanna get some kinda men's watches, scarf, lockets, and even the rings lol...oh well...:)

The Top Worldwide Star (I am so sorry if u addicted to him, I just LOVE him so much...:) ya...)

We all kno that Brad Pitt is the sexiest man ever...
I think his cigarette and glasses are the perfect decoration
and here comes the VAMPIRE - Robert Pattinson, ain't his bear so cute?

This guy is my favorite from the gay movie Saturno Contro (An Italian Movie)
PS: Luca Argentero is an Italian Model, and he is definitely not a

Other Charming Collections:
He was my favorite as a Singer :)

Korean Women's Favorite

Top Star in the Past two decade, and also my fav. lol

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