How to DIY and Recycle your papper boxes into Pretty Accessories

Do you have a lot of waste paper boxes? Do you want to DIY and Recycle them? Do you want to make some Pretty garbage? Here we go... Let me show you the easiest way of reuse your boxes :)
Here, I am going to use the box from Build A Bear to DIY a garbage.
Cut off all the handles

Cut some small pieces of paper from the handles

We gonna need four of them

And then glue them to the corner of the box

Repeat the previous step

And glue another two small paper pieces at the crossing corner

Here, I kinda just fill the colors in the pictures

Since I don't have many colors, I just take advantage of my nail polish lol

Now the garbage is almost done, and it looked Pretty for myself :)
Then, I put some waste papers in the bottom of the garbage in case the liquid from trash will spit out

As we are talking about recycling, let's use the waste bag from Wal*Mart as the trash bag

Now, you guys know why I put little ears on my trash can, because I can use them to hold the plastic bag, and so it won't slip :)