How to Make Hair Accessories-6 Ways of DIY Hair Dressing

Looking at those Pretty pretty hair band
I was wondering whether it would be easy for the LaZZy me to make some flower Hair Accessories by myself...and it can also help to Recycle the unused clothes ^_^|||
So I tries some of them, and out of my expectation, they were easy, and very PrEEty :)

Way 1 (Silks Headdress Flower):
These A, B, and C are basically the same, and their difference is how much times you fold it...;)

Way 2 (Flower Hair Band):

You can use fresh flowers if you want to be SpEcIaL... and also you can get the fake flowers from the Dollar Stores if you want to keep it longer
Repeat the steps of sticking flowers to the band if you want to make a garland :)


Way 3 (Zebra Bowknot):

Stitch it from the back side

Put a small sliced cloth to hide the stitches, and Glue the hair tie on it

Way 4 (Double Color / Two Tone Tri-Bowknots Hair Accessory):
For this one, you can cut the band from the gifts boxes, and reuse them

Way 5 (Pastorale Style/ Country Style Hairdwear):
You can get the country style cloth from your old curtain or the tablecloth, wash it, and recycle it...

Way 6 (Sunflower):
This material is the most common one, which you can find from your old T-shirt or the cotton pajama