Tokyo Fashion - Harajuku Lovers 原宿 はらじゅく

Tokyo is a well known Fashion City worldwide, and the Harajuku Lovers ( 原宿-はらじゅく) is one of the leading brands.It has Fragrance, bags(I just bought one for my little sister, lol, love it),  shoes, jewelries, makeup, clothes, and even its own Magazines, which are the most popular magazines in Japan.
The brand 原宿 is the name of a street in Tokyo, and this street is famous for young people's Geeky Dress, which also became the original idea of the brand.

At the beginning, I just love the 5 bunnies' faces, but later one, I love all the cool bags and fell in love with trying to figure out the ideas of collecting all the rock band-geeks' dressing way. And sometimes, I even feel I am so proud of their courage of doing that lol, at least I dare not...:)

Their magazines are focusing on the random street photography ... collect all the weird dressing

And the cosplay on the street is also very popular...

This brand is somehow give people the strong visual effects by the matching of the bright colors

I bought one similar with this one...but I don't y I can't download that picture from web... :/ but i put the link to show the one i bought:

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