Ladies sexy overcoats

ladies are always sexy and they want to be more sexy in everything they wear, when coming to over coats, ladies want to have stylish looks and sexy things, sexy coats without buttons, hot long trendy jackets.

I go on holiday without updating and that is unforgivable. I knew I was going to pique curiosity with smoothing, and wanted to pass some time for my impressions count a little more authenticity.
I am delighted acojonado-flip with the outcome. While the first three days were terrible: the four-hour process, three days (full) to the next without washing or take anything in her hair, the zero volume of the first week ... In just seven days my hair began to respond and how ... Impeccable, loose, with lots of movement and shine. To me I love the ironing effect (as accentuated with layers and a blunt end flequilo "lighter") I have to just dry my hair with hair dryer. Let dry naturally, my hair once and gloomy ultravoluminoso becomes a smooth soft shoulders Melenita whose points marked by the cutting dry (ie the natural are not like a pencil, but like any other hair smooth, blunt the slightly rotated). He is two plate past thirty seconds on the surface streaks to finish the look ultra-smooth (not touch the root to leave some volume) and obtain a brightness almost indecent. That yes, the hair did not last more than two days clean, but who cares, if you no longer have to go through the torture of smoothing forty minutes

I already have something more than an inch of root and even up the volume, I can promise and promise that I have no inclination toward the waves, not even in temples and sideburns. Incroyable, c'est vrai. Besides, my hair is longer and far more than a month and a half later, it has volume and body, yet still very smooth. I echo this "state" about six months at most, but my hairdresser swears that eight-month period. I recognize that the concept is outrageous because the chemical process "breaks" the hair structure to create a new one, but as women we do every day atrocities small to adjust for random and ephemeral aesthetic canon (waxing, tints, manicures and pedicures, dermabrasion, makeup, heels, not to mention the now ubiquitous cosmetic surgery), which made a change unless at least save time - because that would leave the gym with ultra smooth hair sweaty even when more than a al'ast chicken is priceless