Womens new Bangle Fashion

Women nowadays try to be be trendy and fashion but they don't forget the culture, the bangles are one of the traditional accessory of Indian culture, Jeans along with bangles have now become more trendy and stylish. Kundan bangles, gold bangles, fashion jewelery bangles, glass color bangles, metal variety bangles.

Eight great images as simple and disturbing. I'll take these three: style so dumb so dumb they almost did not fall on them, but that work yes or yes. Cross your fingers ...
LBD passed through the sieve of the season: ultra, ochentera proportions and semi-transparent stockings Accesorize kilos of hardware.

T-shirt stamped discreetly in mandatory black & white, ultra-washed jeans and boots classy Matchy-match to match. Ironmongers to the rescue again, the cigarette is optional.

And my favorite: what better fashion statement this season that the juxtaposition of the most difficult washed jeans: acid wash + destroy = genius. Get off years off and no more doubts about what to wear. If the tops can be dressed in denim from head to toe.