Trendy dress for women - Jeans and Blazers

A blazer. But not one style banking Entalladita and Massimo Dutti, no one anchote and throwing long with large pockets, one way or noviete Boyfriend. If it wrinkles very well arremangaditas sleeves, the better. To compensate for such a rag, please: heel. Prohibited get this with something other than hiperajustado from the waist down, low risk of sounding indie muse not eat a donut. My choice: take your best long black blazer, take a couple of laps to the sleeves and wear them with very washed straws.

Jeans. Also, here we proponenla alternative boyfriend. Anchotes, flabby and arremangaditos. Again, no heels allowed, and better if you have tits of death, so no one will be fixed in your legs. Seriously: some are great and very expensive for J Brand at some boutique in Madrid, but spare me the peel, buy the short version in shorts rolled up, wear sandals with gladiator heels, and the streets will cast fire ... And if you are reluctant to teach leg at least until we reach forty degrees, a cigarette very tight acid wash of quiet, very eighties

Color. But the fort. If it suits you, buy something coral, turquoise or dark blue (I think the press is called "ocean"). Think of a septuagenarian cruise lined, and there you will have the inspiration (well you better Gucci). I personally limited to a maxi top (combined with a very, very cortito and neutral). O little rise colored shoes (with heels). First of all the continents: the Anglo-Saxons call color-blocking, I'm not dressing as a clown. Because in summer, people who spent the winter starts a spiral brown color combinatorial