Window shopping - women love it

Window shopping is very famous among women, women enjoy this type of shopping during lunch hours, while waiting in street for friends. Online shopping, window shopping, clothing shopping, shopping mart, big bazaars are more common in window shopping.

The closest thing to New York's sports-luxury Wang and company, our Amaya Arzuaga and ultra-classy version of the shirt as dress exquisite. I like it more stylized than it looks and taking into account the quality of their clothes, has interesting prices to.

In the next to pass Kabak (from what I've seen looking to rent the premises), Ash sandals are 150 euros. There are a bargain, but considering they are the best clones "Gladiator" I've seen in live and direct, it's worth to dive for a pair, with many more tacks better

And this because it is less trendy than the group, hakei. True to the boho-chic style that has elevated them (open Goya store this week) have some of the most basic of Salamanca district. Beige boots in suede style camarguaises, "the tone denim jacket in light blue tops or some point in the interior really resultones.