Winter collections for women

During winter women need warm clothes but they donut compromise on the trend and style statements, long warm coats, leather jackets, full leggings, fully covered trendy jackets, sexy coats, Wollen clothes, Trendy Jeans are now available for women.

Luckily we always be this chic Paris and awkward that so well becomes a thin and slightly androgynous girls ... The online store specializing La Garçonne spent years in a sophisticated yet natural look, comprised of basic garments with a special detail and brand gourmets. His "ensembles" or lookbook of each season is a real inspiration to the mix of dark colors, the review of new classics and definitely a tomboy attitude-classy.

Zadig & Voltaire is another reference infallible each season. Their lookbook sometimes dazzles me and other bores me, but I always offers something of an irresistible boyish style, with that touch rock-'n-roll past through the filter of the quality that makes even looks do not seem outdated after some time.