Trendy and winter long jackets for women

Young girls always want to be sexy and stylish, clothes like long leather jackets, super model jackets, winter jackets, short leather skirts, and added suitable accessories...

We started with Burberry Q: Mr. Bailey has managed once again to reinvent the raincoat and serve its customers more loyal and toe. Quilt militaroide, medieval belts and leather, lots of leather. Heavy but under, that's why they cost a paste. For almost a parade dedicated to crosses between parka raincoat and, except for some minivestidito Metallic.

Diadema, uncombed, jumper, skirt shrill and dancing shoes (with heels 10 cm). This lady gets what feels like because that's what influences what we wear all the others (at Zara adore) ... Strange, huh?

In his show could see much gray (the love), hair coat Duyos do you remember? and versions of "slim" heaters.