Women sexy costumes

Mrs. Ocáriz well designed, but diversifies too. His point is impeccable, yes, if you're willing to pay 140 euros for a black long sleeve shirt puffed (in The Deli Room, for example). I certainly do not. In my humble opinion the only thing saving her from his show, which repeated hammering the idea of the female-rocker-box, is this modelazo, I think it solved the equation and I would buy it if it had a budget as Princess of Asturias

After dinner it was his turn to Lemoniez (another "bold"). If you are a fan of Schlesser, then you'll love. I personally only thing I liked was this, which looks like the season just ended (gray, balloon skirt, gathers, topos) ... And you can shoot any self-respecting megacadena. We must evolve.

As the parade of Montesinos, I refuse to reproduce any image. That's more than a fashion show is a freak-show, DEREK included. And Anita Obregon in the front row feels that Anna Wintour, I think archilamentable. And everything is big about using Mr. Francis really itchy a lot.