A bear hug for your Valentine girl - how 'bout a cute teddy bear jewelry?

I love this time of the year. There's still 3 more days left for the cupid to go bow and arrow, and one can already feel the love in the air. The Valentine week has begun and it's Teddy Bear Day today after the lovely Rose Day that was on 7th of Feb, Propose Day (8th Feb) and Chocolate Day (9th Feb)! And hey, there's more to follow− it's Promise Day on 11th of Feb, Kiss Day on 12th, and Hug Day on 13th before the final Valentine's Day on 14th (which happens to be a Sunday this year)! So, all you lovebirds there - make the most of this wonderful season, and shower your beloved with all the beautiful gifts that you can think of.

Now, since it's Teddy Day today, let's think of something really cutesy. I am sure that many a times many of you have felt like mollycoddling your girlfriend and complimenting her saying that she is just like a cuddly cute teddy bear, but then refrained from doing so as most girls don't like the word cuddly as it makes them feel like they look too young and are overweight! It may so also happen that she takes you and and your expressions as just too juvenile. So, take this opportunity to say her how cute you find her, and how badly you yarn for her bear hug every moment in life by gifting her one of these very special teddy bear jewelry pieces:

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