Story of Jewels

Since time immemorial jewelry has been telling us its wonderful story - a story, full of human emotions that are so known to us, and so close to our hearts. Today I am trying to read out some excerpts from that story... See, if you find my thoughts matching with yours.

Jewelry shares commitment

Jewelry says, I am always there for you...

Jewelry makes us ecstatic

Jewelry makes you blush

Jewelry brings out the mischievous girl in you..

Jewelry speaks of seduction

Jewelry creates mystery

Jewelry gives power

Jewelry makes a Star

Jewelry makes someone feel special

Jewelry tells who you are

Jewelry defines innocence

Jewelry makes you look ethereal

There's a lot more that jewelry has to say. As immortalized by George Eliot ~ These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of...