Cadmium in children's' jewelry – Can you beat it?!

Now this is simply not done! Carcinogen, known to exacerbate cancer in humans, now found in jewelry! - And that too in precious little things meant for the apple of your eye! Yes, even I was disgusted when I came across this news piece, which said that the Center for Environmental Health, California, has detected alarmingly high levels of cadmium in jewelry pieces (some containing as much as 75 per cent cadmium by weight) made by Chinese manufacturers.

The environmental group revealed that though the tests were found to give positive results in necklaces and bracelets for adults, children's jewelry has been of particular concern because kids bite and suck on jewelry — something far less common among adults. This comes in the wake of recent whistle-blowing by the Federal and state bodies in the U.S. who barred manufacturers from using lead in children's jewelry because of its toxicity. But cadmium, which is more of a hazard as a poison than as a carcinogen, is known to hinder brain development in the very young in a way similar to that done by lead.

So, how can you save your little one from jewelry cadmium poising? Here you go:

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