Na'vi: The Newest Fashion Avatars!

That Avatar, the James Cameron epic movie has remained the biggest grocer of 2009 and that it has earned nine Oscar nominations recently is no more a news. What's latest is the fact that Avatar inspired jewelry has hit the racks. This is not the first time that a movie has inspired fashion or a jewelry line. There are instances when films made to impact human life and address social issues actually ended up invading moviegoers' closets. This time, the Na'vis have done it again.

Neytiri's choker of three green stones and a longer necklace of feathers and beads are the newest addition in the already popular statement necklace category. One of her armbands, which looks as though it is made of thin bamboo linked side-by-side, and the others with stacked halos of multi-coloured beads, have also caught the fancy of handcrafted jewelry makers from around the globe. Then there's the thin, beaded choker worn by Jake's avatar, and his armband made of stones and beads of different blues, turquoise and sea jade. All such jewelry items surely make for a great collection.

All characters in Avatar – be it Tsu’Tey, Mo'at- the shaman of the Na'vi or Eytucan, are dressed in attires that express their inner nature – bold and ethereal in true sense of words. Accordingly, their individual ornamentation has also been designed so as to reflect this power and authority. Given the fact that the 'bold look' in jewelry is very much “in” these days, these pieces are surely going to rock this year.