Some chocolates for your valentine? ... chocolate gold I mean!

A woman can never have enough of a few things – flowers, kisses, chocolates, and jewelries (well, not specifically in the same order though) - right girls? So, all you guys who're planning their gifts for the Valentine's Day, listen up! Shower your girl with all these and much more, and you'll never go wrong. To make your job a bit easier, here's an idea – gift her with an elegant piece of chocolate gold jewelry. It will do the good both as a jewelry and as a chocolate.

- Wondering, if I am talking sense? Of course, I am. In fact, when I got to know about brown gold jewelry for the first time, even I was like, ew brown isn't pretty, but seeing the pieces online changed my mind completely. Brown gold is prepared by a special process called PVD (physical vaporization and deposition), during which rose gold is electronically bombarded to change into a molten brown metal extract. Chocolate gold jewelry comes in all thinkable forms. The ones with icy diamonds or Mother of Pearls in them look simply out of this world. Accessorized with all the chic brown fashions available these days, brown gold creates a sophisticated tonal quality against caramel, adds subtle contrast to creamy white and beige, and gives the all-black avant-garde urban style a whole new dimension.

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