When laces do the talking ... Classy springtime jewelry

I've always wondered, what's there in spring that makes a girl love it every time it is around. The nip in the air, the crystal blue sky, birds chirping in glee, and the colors and merriment all around- all these somehow make me feel that there is something very feminine about spring - very romantic, very full of life and very girlish. So, when it comes to dressing up for this lovely season, it's only very obvious that we think of jewelry that are colorful, fresh, mischievous, yet very soft and ethereal.

Lace jewelry is one such jewelry type that depicts an exotic blend of the sensibilities of nature and embroidery. They are classy and have a timeless appeal, which never goes out of fashion. You can wear them as casual accessories or on formal occasions to complete your attire - lace jewelry with their pristine appeal always make you stand out in the crowd. Priceless as they are, these beautiful spring jewelry deserve a bit of extra care, and they last you for years. Have a look at these classic creations by some of the greatest lace jewelry designers of the world:

Jewelry design courtesy: Emma Cassi & Valerian