Celebrate Holi with colorful lac jewelry and glass bangles

It's once again that time of the year, when you can holler, howl and scream “Holi Hai” without giving anybody a damn. Holi, the high-decimal festival of colors (yes, most weirdly!) is known to bring out not just the best, but the brat-best out of us. Everybody is out to showcase their wilder side on this day, though in a very aesthetic way (don't go into the contravention), and this is evident in every aspect of their body language.

Dressing up for Holi essentially means slipping into a white dress bought specially for the occasion. Okay! I know many of us do fall back upon our old favorites, but then, the buy is worth it, right? But how to accessorize these white dresses? -Silver jewelries? Yes, they are the obvious choice, but let's think of something more colorful, more gorgeous that matches the grandeur of the festival. - How about lac jewelry? Crafted beautifully in different
ethnic shapes and styles with stones and mirror pieces embedded in them, lac jewelries look stunning with white ensembles.

And yes, the glass bangles- how can I forget them. Stack a handful of them not bothering at all about the color match and all, because once you step out to celebrate Holi, all of them will be right their on you. So, go wild!!