Body shape costumes

Determines how many pairs of sandals are required to spend a summer. And how many shirts. And if you really need (or you will go to make someday) that flowered dress up your feet. If you're going to be next summer, it's not for you.

Whether in its intense, or the new king cake, the color denoting style, strength, personality and favors, unless you choose badly. Do not mix more than three colors in a style and coordinating your closet, though less imaginative saves you money. Avoid patterns that say little childish or as flowers, dots ... Opt for final prints, abstract or figurative but forcefully and complemental with accessories in a single tone. It is easier to look flawless and secure the same to be concise but forceful.

The black and white are opposite a safe bet. Together they are extremely smart, and separately combine with everything. Today, white is also valid in autumn and winter. That yes, if you really like the black matte avoids a look: adds shine with plugins in metallic tones and beautiful jewelry.

This winter we got some shelter and instead this spring was "flooded" in raincoats. Buy fabric and garments superimposable, and some basic multifunction for mixing with essential items of the season.