Movie style ladies dresses

One last thought. We live in a world that changes with each frame, each edition of the news (but not the TVE, the CNN). More and more voices are raised, plaintive, ell against relentless evolution of fashion and ephemera collections. Cruise goes, Pre-Fall is coming. Limited Editions. Red Carpets. Haute Couture. And the greedy Prêt-à-porter.
But I love it. We are beginning to get the taste, and little by little, the quiet. The man is in constant evolution (Darwin dixit), like the rest of the planet, and as the survival and socialization issue is resolved we express our inner-bulle bulle as best we can. Have long capitalized Arts dislodged the head of the train ahead. Today, fashion is the engine of social change, or its most concrete (as prefiráis before the chicken or the egg). Ask the pace down fashion, is like asking a satellite orbit and fall leaves pulverized. Gone are the impasse, the ateliers, the impeccably well-dressed ladies and other polyester-clad. The fashion was democratized, and for good .

Zooey actress also has a sister, Emily Deschanel, who currently stands out as something a reputable forensic taradita in the series "Bones" (Thursday night LaSexta). Both have a strong sense of style, very retro. Dresses and halter tops and cut empire waist or are a good option if you have a beautiful mane that you "view" the shoulders.

A coat-coat can be charming in a lightweight fabric with a striped pattern discreet. Gone was the unwritten rule that dictated that the coat was covered under her skirt ... Forget it. An air shoes in a soft gray vintage complete the look.

And in full cusp thriller, called my attention to the gigantic "Tote" by Marni in a greenish yellow tone as environmental. Perfect with navy, perfect to get all the basics of survival. With his unique style, Zooey gives the perfect counterpoint to a dry but Mark Wahlberg listísimo less angry and more scared shitless than ever .