Worlds Weirdest Animals

Leafy Sea Dragon

It was named after the dragons which belong to the Chinese mythology; their floating is very unique from other animals. Colors on their body are green, gold and orange which make them cloaked.

Sun Bear
This Bear is mostly found in South Asia where rainforests are in large quantity. Length of Sun bear is almost 4 ft, and it is the smallest one in the category of bears; its weight is almost 65 kg.

Komondor Dog
 They are very different when we talk about males and females because there length is different and you can judge by the first glance.

Angora Rabbit
These rabbits are known as domestic rabbit breeds all because of there long and soft hairs with the oldest breed in Rabbits. They are mostly found in Ankara, Turkey.

Red Panda
The Red Panda, Ailurus fulgens ("shining cat," from a Latinized form of the Greek, ailouros, "cat," and the participial form of the Latin fulgere, "to shine") is a mostly herbivorous mammal, slightly larger than a domestic cat (55 cm long).

Sloths belong to the category of medium mammals and they are mostly found in South America with their families because it is very difficult for them to survive without their families.

Emperor Tamarin
They are named as the Emperor Tamarin (Saguinus imperator) because of their similarity with the german emperor. It is funny to see that there name was intended as a joke but as time goes on it become their official name.

White-faced Saki Monkey
The White-faced Saki (Pithecia pithecia), also known as the Guianan Saki and the Golden-faced Saki, is a species of saki monkey, a type of New World monkey, found Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela.

Hagfishes belong to the category of marines and they are also known Hyperotreti. In spite of their name, there is some debate about whether they are strictly fish (as there is for lampreys), from the time they belong to any other group which is commonly.

Star-nosed Mole
This Mole is a small North American mole found in eastern Canada and the north-eastern United States. It is the only member of the tribe Condylurini and the genus Condylura.

Proboscis Monkey
Nasalis larvatus also known as Long-nosed Monkey; they are reddish-brown arboreal Old World monkey. It is the only species in monotypic genus Nasalis.

Pink Fairy Armadillo
This is the smallest species of armadillo (mammals of the family Dasypodidae, mostly known for having a bony armor shell). It is about 90-115 mm (3?-4?") Long excluding the tail, and is pale rose or pink in color.

They are best known of the Mexican neotenic mole salamanders and they belong to the Tiger Salamander complex. Larvae of this species fail to undergo metamorphosis, so the adults remain aquatic and gilled.