Know what is today's sexy?

Spirited. So I find myself having reviewed in joy and carefully captured images for coolhunters guru, the ineffable Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist father. Dozens of images of people moving, breathing, oozing and living fashion. Among them, many stylists fachosos, very difficult and not very credible, of which only serve to epater and "scare" the staff, but some there that are fantastic, e and chic at the same time, and I come from pearl to illustrate how can dress sexy today following the trends at the same time cultivating a personal style .

Do not fear the elegance. Not inconsistent with the freshness and youth. Being smart does not mean hanging a car or a Herm├Ęs Kelly bag, or walk through life like a bad copy of Audrey Hepburn. Safeguarding our best attributes and powers is absolutely necessary. The point can be extremely stylish unstructured in more muted tones that favor us, a nice smooth Belema, fantastic legs should be no secret; colors like navy blue and white building looks effortless and supplements can be very current, but chosen with taste and simplicity.

The rocker spirit! All (or almost) wanted to be rock stars of girls, and something has been printed in our DNA because who does not have a belt too punk, or you become enthralled in the presence of a great leather jacket with zippers ... This look is possible without falling in the cartoon, and maintaining a chic style. A nice loose shirt is the perfect complement to traditional cigarettes and some wayfarer sunglasses, this "animal print" becomes chic with the right bag and shoes and got a nice, aviator-style glasses and a nice jacket perfect complement a simple dress vintage inspired ... Strength and style in one look, available to all.

Who has not been caught in the wheel of the trends and has risen over one days' overstyled? The simplicity and the clothes they have always served will remain valid, we play with them. A little black dress comes alive with delicious fuchsia mules, a blazer renewed shortening and combining it with denim, and an extra long air sailor silhouette is the best ally of a youthful mane.

Carine Roitfeld says it all, or most important is the silhouette. And no better defined color black - or, failing that, the gray (which is the "new black"). Sleek, favors and sophistication. Whether it's accessories, clothes tight or total look is perfect for women of skin and dark hair is not very easy to combine - also wear black is more economical, since this color can hide the vulgar quality of a garment a megacadena. These three images illustrate an elegant but with a touch sloppy, as no effort: if one goes very black meterle just some color, black, camel or beige (or that we see some skin, which in this case is the same) and not finish off the set too: leave supplements overdose and the temptation of going too coiffed and made up. The result: a picture of impact and very youthful.