Women handbag collections

Savor the last hours of "Indian Summer Miguel" because early autumn storms arrive. To me fall means foulards, opaque tights, dark shoes and consistent and ... a new bag. As a woman never has enough "arm candy" (candy for your arm) as they call the anglophone fashion editors, here's the showcase of Piedmont Lagasca street .

And for the most comfy that refuse to get on his heels (or for those days off pedis), delicate window of Pretty Ballerinas (made in Mallorca, of course).

Ahhhh, my God, so many "items" desirable ... To avoid the embarrassment is nothing better than a stroll through the ascetic Vincon, temple, affordable and functional design and enjoyed a bit of everything from two to two thousand euros ... Admission is by Castelló and the picture shows the window of the lighting section.