Flapper Dresses

Flapper dress -

Little by little we are assimilating the new proposals for next spring. There are still two weeks with the very best to come, but the path is already marked: elegant silhouette is abandoned imposed by Pilati at YSL and Ghesquière at Balenciaga and becomes the law of mix & match, a flirtatious grunge, luxurious, feminine but with a twisted point "bag lady". Jacobs, Luella and Johnson have strived to make feel like a grandma-chic who appreciates rejuvenated after such purity and elegance chiseled intransigence. Return to freedom, to the wild mixtures in editorials (the stylists were tired of not contaminate signed sculptural silhouettes from the catwalk) and the importance of the supplements (you can see that we lean). It can take two things: that the crisis passes and the body will demand on striking prints, bright colors and ruffle much as we have seen, or that we fit into a global recession and need more than ever the fashion escapism and thank eccentricity that we propose. In either case, those who embrace change are going to be right.

Autumn has arrived and with it a halftime upset, difficult, melancholic. To overcome the pressure changes and the harsh events of this week, how well is take a look at two of the best showcases of Madrid, in the increasingly Soho Madrid .

Showcase Yube, always so impeccable. Overlays beautiful, comfortable and colorful that like so much Bea Nicolas, in mini and knee length - to show off those already become a classic .