New look costumes

The real (because although some think that caring for a child at home is no vacation, I'm more tired than ever). A month without relax my hair, no internet (probably give me a couple of anxiety attacks before going over the "monkey"), not paint my toenails (I detest as are the pedicures after passing through the beach) without gym, no shopping, no "dress code". I have time to read, scribble, talk and scratched his head (my "PassTime" favorite, and what I relaxed, and somewhat antisocial). I'm going to Benicassim FIB and not enjoying the "family life" and what remains of the Mediterranean. I take my camera, and who knows, just dust off the old smell, and even from some obscure posteo wired "internet cafe"

But I needed one last point before leaving with the child, grandparents, parakeets and eleven packages to the beach. It has told that snake-literate divinely is Carlos Garcia-Calvo in his sometimes soporific, sometimes imapagable blog. Princess Letizia surprised everyone in the final photo-call "Real" with an outfit that although another season (Spring 2007), proved most "fashionable"

The dress is for Armand Basi Markus Lupfer. Cutting bag, not exactly one of my favorites, but very flattering for Letizia too thin. The best thing? Vogue Paris sandals very Those patent leather and wood, including platform. A success story. Is the worst? The hairs "noble" and a "gili-fastener" naïf style non-biodegradable plastic that almost burns my retina. Something pale (how cool!) And amusingly. That yes, someone should tell the prince that are reserved for white cowboy gun bodies, and not good-looking gentlemen.

If you liked the dress, you have a fantastic copy in MangoOutlet at a bargain price (pictured right). Perfect for summer nights and the office in the fall. And if you are that you can not leave without Accesorize, try a megacolgante or a pair of bracelets, but let the hand-made pins for the royals: they are spoiled them all. Happy August, you'll miss!
P.D. Surely I'll miss the "walk of gazelle" Elisabetta Gregoraci, better known as the new wife of Briatore Fofo (sorry - Flavio), and the greatest exponent of the style-de-luxe choni jet set.