Stylish winter dress for men

Travel Companion: the November issue of Glamor. My favorite editorial, of course, the most colorful preppy-month. A breath of fresh air based on classic clothing, color contrast and detail some retro-kitsch, like jewelry or accessories deliciously scandalous ... Seeing the grim ochentera overdose silhouettes hanging in racks of the stores, it's a relief to see that continue Alernativo having .

A showcase that had me on tenterhooks: Store the COS, beautiful sister of H & M. Natural and noble materials such as wool and cotton, but operate strong colors, simple shapes and classic cuts ... I liked the straight dresses and shoes, so simple and so different at the time.

And another showcase impossible in Madrid ... (for now). American Apparel invade the streets with their colorful and point with lycra, ideally accompanied by a high-tech gym. The clothes are quality, but very basic and somewhat overpriced, but to see who can resist those colored tights.

The selection of shoes and hats is not for everyone, but there is always something interesting, different. What better way to fool the crisis with a vintage clothing ... That yes, the prices were not exactly rake.

Small bookstores everywhere with interesting selections of art, photography, history ... Here is a small selection of "pop culture", a medley of tattoos, graphic design, scene ña myths and great photographers, most of the public taste in Cologne.

And my favorite showcase: scoundrel fashion but very feminine in the form of latex leggings, flirty handbags (Friis Company) and many points overlapped. Red and gray, what a great combination for autumn.