Grunge fashion loved by hollywood actress

Kirsten Dunst says-
This girl is capable of the best and the worst. Kirsten Dunst (aka "Kiki Dunst) has it all: little fellow, talent, fame and ... to Josh Hartnett. And with everything and it shows in this manner at a festival "pseudo-indie" .

Modelazo is clear that a declaration of intentions: dress loafers or moccasins (shoes MUST next season, unless you live on platforms), ultra-mini dress, vintage purse and a medium comb air and paint. With such an image Kiki million miles away from all those desperate starlets dressed in borrowed.

And reconocedlo but spoiled another photograph of a massive Susan Sarandon (as tiresome with its progressive roll-but-I-to-all-the-holidays), Kiki's white dress is perfect and her boyfriend, Josh, too.

And if you are as exquisite as Kiki, and you have a few hundred euros to spend on cashmere, anything better than this trifle air retro minidress but very wearable, designed for her to sign Lutz & Pamos worship.